Calle Hellevang-Larsen is living proof that you can miss nearly every typical standard of beauty by a mile and still be fine as hell

I didn’t like him so much at first because I just saw him as Ylvis’s sidekick. But, he’s really talented and funny in his own right. The relationship between the three of them is interesting. It seems like it might have been hard being a bit overshadowed by his friends, when all the Fox stuff started happening. Calle’s own group seems really popular in Norway and maybe other countries as well.

At first I didn’t like him that much too, it took some time before I really started liking him. But later I realised that he is actually the funniest and barvest of them and now he is my favourite one :D I think that most ppl didn’t really like him that much when they first saw him, because Bård and Vegard were the most known, from The Fox, and then came Calle, Magnus and David and they probably were a little confused :)

Weirdly enough I was the exact opposite - I first noticed Calle in a poster for Raske Menn and thought, “Wow what an interesting face, he’s actually kind of cute!” so I looked up the group’s translated skits and needless to say became very attached to Calle, and eventually during a video search I came across Ylvis


I actually hated him at first. I thought he was really annoying. I couldnt understand why he was on the show I thought all he ever does is scream and hes not funny. Then they did the unicef episode where he cut off his hair for charity. I thought it was super sweet and after that he became my fav <3